The Hickory Church of Christ is made up of people. She is not the buildings we meet in. As such we know we are fallible but we strive to learn and teach God’s Word as we find it/Him in His revelation, the Bible.

Churches of Christ are non-denominational communities of Christians. We choose our own leaders and prayerfully make our own decisions in every area of “family” life including such practical matters as employing evangelists, supporting missionaries and sharing our treasure with those in need whether within our church family, in our immediate community, or in distant places. Because of our independence, one might notice some, hopefully superficial, differences in worship style when comparing different Churches of Christ.

We seek to understand and do God’s will. We don’t claim that we do so perfectly, and we don’t claim to have all the answers. We simply desire to let the Bible speak and follow it as closely as we can. While we cannot compromise revealed truth, we recognize that sincere Christians have differences of opinion about many matters of faith that are not the core of the “gospel” which is the good news that God loves his creation so much that he sacrificed his Only Son to reconcile us to Himself. We value the freedoms we have in Christ to hold these differences in a spirit of love.

We welcome you to join us as we seek to discover and execute God’s will for our lives! The call of God knows no racial or economic distinctions. He loves us all and wants to bless us with His hope, joy, and peace.

Dr. Tom Olbricht on Who are the Churches of Christ?